Laura Hudspith

Laura Hudspith is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the personal health and socio-cultural possibilities that might arise through cultivating a practice of turning inwards. Spanning sculpture, installation, photography, and text, her work articulates a reorientation toward molecular or atomic concerns; toward the in/organic animacies and other im/material formations that flow through, around, and comprise all bodies; and toward questions on the nature of being and the mattering of matter. Notable exhibitions include Everything Once Arranged Has Become Scattered at The Anderson, Virginia (2023), There are seams in purgatory at The McDonough Museum of Art, Ohio (2022), Move Objects On at The Plumb, Toronto (2021), Cuties Who Are Nice at Kontort Production Space, Toronto (2019), and Pink Champagne at Wreck City, Calgary (2018). Hudspith holds a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal (2013), and is currently based in Pittsburgh, USA for her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University through 2023.


From the Archives:

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