peripherie-peripherie is an experimental thematic chapbook project produced by Peripheral Review, released bi-annually in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter beginning in June 2023.

Each issue will be guest edited by a different Canadian artist, curator or writer and will include an exhibition review, an interview, an experimental feature piece and a featured artist–all encompassed within a unique thematic concept. Each issue will be available only for purchase and includes access to an interactive digital version of the issue on our website, as well as a downloadable print version that readers can print out and enjoy irl. 

The project will be launching very soon-stay tuned to find out when you can access it 😉

peripherie-peripherie Issue #1: Extra-sensory perception

Edited by Lauren Lavery 

Featuring work by:

Azka Ahmed & Christina Hajjar

Andrew Yong Hoon Lee

Fatine-Violette Sabiri

Kiel Torres