Miki Aurora, To Hack the Ether: Maidens of the Matrix

14 September 2016


Video and Review by Adriana Lademann

Held August 20th 2016 at the Aviary, this was Miki Auroras second public performance entitled, To Hack the Ether: Maidens of the Matrix. Two women sit on the floor, sounded by a ring of salt and two white pillar candles. One dressed in a stunning futurist pink outfit by designer Alex S. Yu, the other in a grungy black, both faces covered by their long hair (wigs.) The women are chanting, their voices then blended with music by a DJ at the entrance of the gallery. Miki is neither of these performers. As a performance it was visually striking, but also interesting how Miki delegated the roles of performing to two other women. I think of the role of the director, but that doesn’t seem to fit here. I feel these two are stand in’s, or avatars, since it would not be possible for one person to perform this piece. So I do see her there chanting, but also standing with me.