2019 Print Publication


The 2019 issue publication is a collection of published articles and reviews published on our website in 2019 and early 2020.


Reviews by Chris Andrews, Maryse Arseneault, Jessica Baldanza, Rebecca Casalino, David Court & Shannon Garden-Smith, Rosemary Flutur, Margaryta Golovchenko, Parker Kay, Brennan Kelly, Kate Kolberg, Zoe Koke, Kate Lahey, Hailey Mah, Zach Pearl, Juilee Raje, Jasmine Reimer, Lucas Regazzi, Chelsea Rozansky, Ricky Varghese, and Graham Wiebe.

Feature essay by Hannah Godfrey on the work of Derek Dunlop

Artist Features by Christina Battle, Elizabeth Milton and Walter Scott

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2019 Print Publication

Edited by Lauren Lavery & Peripheral Review Editorial Committee

7″ x 9″ Soft-touch cover, perfect bound.

Printed by Copywell, 2019

Photographs by Alison Postma