2020-21 Print Publication


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The 2020-21 annual print publication is a collection of published essays, reviews, interviews and experimental responses published on our website in 2020 and 2021. Featuring writing by over 50 contributors.

Reviews by Ella Adkins, Noor Alé, Laura Beshears, Madeline Bogoch, Alexandra Box, Angel Callander, Stephanie Cormier, Shauna Jean Doherty, Dallas Fellini, Emily Fitzpatrick, Shannon Foskett, Chris Gismondi, Margaryta Golovchenko, Megan Gnanashihamany, Casey Hinton, Gregory Humeniuk, Jacqueline Kok, Kate Kolberg, Helen Lee, Alex Lepianka, Rowan Lynch, Megan MacLaurin, Hailey Mah, Alisha Mascarenhas, Didier Morelli, Tyler Muzzin, Philip Leonard Ocampo, Erin Orsztynova, Zach Pearl, Juliee Raje, Chelsea Rozansky, Daniella Sanader, Penelope Smart, Patryk Stasieczek, Nawang Tsomo, Andrea Valentine-Lewis, Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan, nic wilson, Susie Winters, and Steph Wong Ken.

Experimental Responses by Derek Coulombe, Parker Kay and Madeleine Taurins, The Toronto Experimental Translation Collective (TETC).

Essays by Michael Eddy, Lauren Fournier and Greta Hamilton, Lilian O’Brien Davis, and Chelsea Rozansky.

Interviews with Vishal Jugdeo and Paul Kajander, Zoe Koke and Sean Sprague

Artist Features by Sarah Davidson, Mariana Muñoz Gomez, Audie Murray, Preston Pavlis, Cheyenne Rain LeGrande, and Karen Tam. The issue also features a custom bookmark by Mariana Muñoz Gomez, and a pull-out zine with a feature essay written by Ella Tetrault and Ella Dawn McGeough.




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2020-2021 Print Publication

Edited by Lauren Lavery, Angel Callander & Peripheral Review Editorial Committee

Design by Brennan Kelly

8″ x 10″ perfect bound

Printed by Copywell, 2021

Photographs by Alison Postma