M. Gnanasihamany

M. Gnanasihamany is an artist, writer, and curator in Tio’tia:ke. Their work explores the political world of pictures through their dissemination, collection, and reproduction, examining the image’s capacity to at once mirror and enforce the conditions of its production. Their work can be found in Leste, Peripheral Review, BlackFlash Magazine, Mood Magazine, and elsewhere. They were most recently a presenting contributor at the Geopoetics Symposium 2022 at Hollyhock, and co-curator of The Equivalence of Alloyed Gold with Morgan Melenka, a year-long experimental commissioning and exhibition process hosted by Critical Distance Centre for Curators.


Issues Contributed:

2020-21 Print Publication

From the Archives:

"Felt Good, Everyone Knows It" Gabriel Peña Tijerina at TAP Art Space